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Letter from Administration

Welcome to Westside Academy! I am proud and pleased to have the opportunity to be part of a team of professionals who provide an alternative school setting that values and addresses the unique qualities of all students and helps meet their individualized needs!

Westside Academy is a small school that services students in grades 6-8. Our onsite staff consists of an “in class” principal, instructional aides, and various support staff. Students receive social skills counseling lessons every two weeks.

We operate in a self-contained environment with a maximum adult/student ratio of 3 adults per 25 students. All curriculum is delivered virtually in our computer lab. All lessons and worksheets can be accessed at home or from any location with internet access. Our facilities include an office that also doubles as an additional student area, a computer lab, and a lunch room. A promotion ceremony is held each year for our outgoing 8th grade students.

If you believe your child would thrive in this type of academic environment, I welcome your inquiries.

Students are admitted through an intake process that involves meeting to review student records, consider current student progress, and determine specific student needs. Required parental support includes a commitment to regularly check email, since progress reports, school news, and teacher communications are sent electronically.

Westside Academy offers two sessions daily. Students are placed in sessions based on their specific needs and grade level. In most cases, parents are not able to choose a session, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our first session is from 7:45-10:45 and our second session is from 10:45-1:45 not including lunch. Students eat at the end of their session and are released after they are finished eating. There is an optional breakfast available at 7:15am in the Joe Walker cafeteria.

Thank you for considering Westside Academy to meet the educational needs of your child!