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Student Online Instructions

Fingers typing on keyboard

CLICK HERE to download student instructions. This file will illustrate step-by-step instructions with screen shots to show you how to work inside your virtual curriculum. This is for beginning students and contains lots of visuals to help you. This is a "must have" file for all new students. This file is about 3 megs in size and may take some time to download.



%22Back to School Presentation%22 on Chalkboard

CLICK HERE to download our Back to School presentation. This file has lots of screen shots. It will show you how to check online progress through your parent account. It will also show you how to check progress through the student's account, which is usually the easiest place to check on up to the minute results. The parent portal is updated once a day at 9:00PM. The student portal is updated "real time". This file is a combination of the parent and student presentations. This file has been updated this year with new instructions.

Colored Pencil illustration Parents with Child

CLICK HERE to download parent instructions for how to read the emailed progress reports and how to find information in the parent portal.