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Westside Academy YouTube Channel


Please click HERE to be directed to our Youtube Channel.

Our channel has several playlists containing videos that are aligned to many of the lessons in the PEAK curriculum.




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Westside Academy offers electives and band. Electives will be available for those students who have good grades and are keeping up a good pace in their classes. Online electives include Art, Career Exploration, Music, or Family and Consumer Science. Band through Joe Walker is also available for eligible students (same criteria as electives, but students must also have adequate merits).

Don't forget that Westside Academy also offers sports. All middle school sports are available through Joe Walker or a student's home school if merits and grades are in keeping with school policy. We will accommodate a student's sports practice schedule as needed.

Students with adequate grades and merits are also eligible for all dances at Joe Walker Middle School! Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA with no "Fs", and good behavior with 80 merits or above to attend Joe Walker events.